Mario Guel is a man of action. Not action in the sense of Bruce Willis in Die Hard, but action in the sense that he can’t be sedentary. Sitting still is not an option. Mario has to be in motion… a quality that is reflected in his photography, videography, and personal life. Early on, Mario developed a love for shooting photo’s and filming. Two passions that go hand in hand with his general love of people, and being an outdoors man.

His love of skateboarding perfectly coincided with pointing the camera at his friends and practicing his craft. Growing up in and around a budding San Jose skateboarding scene, he has contributed to major video productions and magazines alike. As his interests have diversified, so has his subject matter. Mountain biking, snowboarding, and fishing are just a few of the other activities he participates in, and enjoy’s documenting.

-Matt Hathaway